Why Subscribe?

by admin on December 12, 2018
I can get everything online nowadays, from food to footwear, all are on the tip of my fingers. Why do I need to subscribe then? Monthly groceries, check. Monthly bills, check. Shopping for clothes, ordered. Socks? Wait a minute.. I'm out. My last two pairs are dying , and the others in the laundry. The entire pair will never make it out of that damn dryer. Sound familiar? This is most of us when it comes to socks. An essential part but yet invisible so goes unnoticed till one day, in despair you realise you need them. You buy them and you lose them and the vicious cycle continues. So what is our solution? Subscribe. As simple as that. You decide your size, your type and we deliver them to you every month. You can choose your designs or we randomise them for you. What do we promise - Easy subscriptions, quality products, and your happiness. If you are not satisfied with us you can return the product and we will send over a new one, or you can break up with us, no strings attached. Easy no hassle cancellations too. How about trying it for once? Subscriptions start as low as 99₹ per month.